Make yourself crunchy - with carrot extract and Q10
Product image DIADERMA Carrot Cream

Carrot cream Q10

The power cocktail for a tired & energy-less complexion

Content: 50 ml

DIADERMA Carrot Cream plus Q10 regenerates, strengthens and protects the skin, making it more resistant to environmental influences and free radicals. Thanks to its exquisite ingredients, this cream counteracts the effects of skin aging caused by light. It can reduce wrinkles and supports the skin's resistance to stress. Special active ingredients such as coenzyme Q10, vitamin E, orange extract (with vitamin C) & carrot extract (with pro-vitamin A) protect cells from free radicals and regenerate stressed skin. Carrot extract gives a light, natural tint. Valuable plant oils and shea butter make the skin soft and supple. Your complexion appears more vital and shines again in its natural, youthful beauty.

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The vitamin cocktail in the carrot cream is also suitable as a face mask for stressed skin in particular need of regeneration. Apply thickly. Leave on for 10 minutes and remove the excess cream residue with a cotton pad.


For particularly dry skin, add a few drops of carrot oil to the cream. This gives the skin even more valuable oils.


In winter to protect from very cold air, mix the carrot cream with a few drops of carrot oil and apply.