Carrot glow-up for your skin

DIADERMA Carrot oil Q10

Facial care

Content: 30 ml

  • With provitamin A and coenzyme Q10
  • Gives a fresh complexion, prevents the formation of wrinkles
  • Natural cosmetics

The freshness kick for tired and dull skin! Precious plant oils, coenzyme Q10 and provitamin A reduce the formation of new wrinkles and provide smoother, younger-looking skin. Carrot oil with Q10 protects cells from oxidative stress and reduces skin-damaging free radicals. Dry, stressed skin becomes smooth and supple. The light, natural tint makes the skin look radiant and fresh.

Tolerability clinically confirmed.

Collage on DIADERMA carrot oil



Due to the wonderfully natural tint, the carrot oil is a natural make-up alternative. The carrot oil conjures up a tinted fresh complexion.


After cleansing, it is best to put a few drops in the palms of the hands and massage into the still damp skin.


Tip for men: the carrot oil also intensively cares for men's skin and gives a healthy, sporty tint.


Also has an anti-inflammatory effect on acne and pimples.


Also use on cracked skin on elbows or knees. Either pure or mixed with a body lotion.